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The book is finally available. This process has beenĀ  wonderful and I am excited to finally share with you that my book is available for purchase today.

When I started this process a year ago, it began with me just evaluating what I needed to do for my child’s future. She was going to college the following year and I wanted her to be prepared. I’d been very intentional in teaching her about life skills and things because I knew that eventually the day would come and she would need to know those things.

I remember journaling at first all my feelings about finally having senior year and how I was excited and sad at the same time. It truly is a bitter sweet moment. Many of us hear their first cry, watch them take their first steps, hear their first words… we watch them grow into individuals. It’s amazing how time flies.

We started something early for your kids. We always told them to enjoy the year of their age. If they were five, we’d say enjoy being five. If they were nine, we would say enjoy age nine and so on, till we didn’t have to say it anymore. It became understood that they were to just enjoy each year of life and not to hope and wish to be older until the time came for them to be older. In other words, they didn’t have to be older than they were. I wasn’t in a hurry for my children to grow up. I have enjoyed each year and learning new things about them as they grow.

Finding the balance between teaching your children how to be responsible adults and letting them be their age wasn’t easy. At times, I wished there was a reset button. We didn’t always get it right, but we kept trying and eventually we found what worked for us.

As I prepare for this book launch tomorrow, I’m reminded of why I wrote this book. I wrote this for all the parents and students out there who need guidance with prepping their child for college. I remember all the things that I wish I knew. I remember my students and how excited they were to be going to college- some of them for the first time and some of them returning. What really resonated with me was the numerous times my adult learners would say, ” Thank you. If I only knew back then what I know now…” This is why I am so excited to share my book.

With timelines, terms and checklists to help guide you through the high school years, this book is designed to give you an insight into preparing for college. This is a great 8th grade graduation present for your future freshman, but it’s also something that current high school students can benefit from as well. Start early or right on time!

Now it is available! Get your copy today.

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